to Get Introduced at a Wedding

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How to get introduced into your wedding reception? Now, your wedding reception is going to be a fun-filled event. But, before you can get started dancing the night away, you’ve got to get introduced in a room and get the party started. And there a number of different ways you can do this.
If you have a professional DJ or a band, the DJ or emcee will take care of how the introductions are going to go. But, if you don’t have anyone like that working for you on your wedding day, you can ask the best man; I’m sure he’ll be excited to do it. So, consider when doing the introductions into the room, you’re going to start with the parents of the bride and then the parents of the groom. Then, you’re going to follow with the flower girl and ring bearer and then the groomsmen and the bridesmaids all the way back through to the maid of honor and the best man. And then, finally, the new Mr. and Mrs., the bride and groom. When you’re considering how to do this introductions, you’re going to need music behind it. So, come up with something fun and exciting and maybe get a little creative. You could either have one song to introduce the entire wedding party or if your friends are a lot of fun, you can pick out music selections for each of them to go into and do a little dance on the way into the room. There’s no end to the amount of fun that you can have with this. I’m sure you’ve seen some fun introductions on line as well.

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