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If you want to become a professional photographer,you must take a lots of professional photos any time,especially in weddings, It is often the little moments that the bride and groom cherish the most. Just take a little time to learn what goes into a great wedding photo, so you can make the most of this important moment.

Let the professional photographer handle the “obvious” shots. The couple likely show a perfect moment for the photographer, and they should be able to get the main shots, such as the first kiss.

The second useful way is to take pictures of people watching the action. For example, when the bride is walking down the aisle, take a picture of the groom staring at her. During the couple’s first dance, take a picture of the bride’s parents. These shots can be even more powerful than shots of the couple.

Fill your frame with people when taking portraits. Get close to your subjects, and make the whole picture composed of their heads, shoulders or bodies. Try to avoid background noise as much as possible.

Be sure to take lots of pictures, After sifting through your collection, choose the best photos to show the bride and groom.

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